WE-H , building a World Education Heritage,
Engaging and Empowering Youth towards Future Education Design

Inclusive & Augmented Learning for ALL and by ALL to tackle ALL forms of Educational Divide

WE-H, World Educational Heritage, cofounded by the NetLearning UnitWin UNESCO Network & University Paris-Saclay is both a revolutionary global paradigm & set of disruptive solutions to tackle all educational divides based on an inclusive & unique « incremental » way of learning, providing « certified-in contents » by scholars and « self-certified out credentials », both on Blockchain, personalized for any learner experience – micro augmented certified piece of knowledge/ know how MACK – relying an a universal and locally rooted pluralistic governance.

WE-H is launching a sustainable and resilient educational policy paradigm thanks to an efficient business model. Educational divides are capital for the achievement of the SDGs agenda. Only a global action relaunching a new social contract among learners teachers stakeholders and institutions can make true the dream of a better world. WE-H is the enabler of the leadership of future generations that suffer from unmet needs and in served locks.

WE-H solves which problem?

Half of the World Population suffer from Educational Divide!

Social & Crises fractures

0 Millions
of Children ww are out of School

Situations of Handicap

People ww suffer from Disabilities

Cultural Divide

0.1 Billions
People ww are < 25 “Catch & Go” culture

WE-H lifts which Locks?

Educational Divide is “4U”: Underserved, Urgent, Unavoidable & Unworkable!

Educational Fracture suffers from 6 endemic Locks

Inadequate space-time Format

Multiple Barriers of Access

Lack & Task of Personalization

Burden & Trust of Certification

Lack of Motivation & Completion

Non Profitable & Non Resilient Business Model


What is WE-H?

Revolutionary Global Paradigm & Solutions to tackle Educational Divides towards a sustainable Social Contract

Education Heritage Inclusive, Certified & Global


Learning Augmentation by People & Tech (Network & Platform)

Unique Tool

Empowering Incremental & Personalized Knowledge Journey (Micro- Augmented Piece of Knowledge) MACK


Participative Global Universalism & Regional Culturalism

Business Model

Exponentially efficient Leveraging Global Externalities

How WE-H works ?

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